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Tomato Tomato: Grows in varying climates, mostly grown outdoors, but are grown indoors so that tomatoes are available all year long. The freshest and best tomatoes are the ones produced from July-September. Started out in South America. Typically 3-9 feet tall plant with sprawling leaves. The actual fruit can range from 1 inch to 9 inches in diameter. Is a fruit, but categorized as a vegetable according to the food pyramid and most diets because it is not sweet. Mostly known as a red fruit but some people grow yellow, orange, pink, purple, green and black. Lycopene is found in large quantities in the tomato. Lycopene has been found helpful in fighting against cancers.

Tomatoes are categorized by slicing or globe tomatoes.

Varieties: Plum, Heirloom, Beefsteak
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