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Rocky Hazelman in the Garden

Rocky Hazelman - Bobcat
Getting the job done!
In the Garden,
On a Bobcat
or on the Internet.
Rocky Hazelman is the Manager of Hazelman Farms and the visionary for combining Agriculture and Technology Skills. Mr. Hazelman began his trade while attending NJIT in 1996 for undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering. Soon after begining school Mr. Hazelman found a calling in the Internet and emerging technology at the university and beyond. In 1999, Hazelman, LLC was founded and Mr. Hazelman began developing websites and internet solutions for companies in the Telecom, Education and Consumer Market places.

In 2005, Rocky Hazelman and his wife purchased property in West Milford and began the Hazelman Family Farm. The combination of the family farm and Mr. Hazelman's Internet background led to the development of HazelmanFarms.com to highlight Agriculture in an age of Technology.

Mr. Hazelman looks forward to the combination if IP based services for the sustainable management of greenhouses and residential agriculture.

Current Memberships and Associations
  • West Milford Chamber of Commerce, President, 2008-2009
  • Autumn Lights Festival and 175th Anniversiry Planning Comittee, 2007-2010
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