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Home | Farm Log | Construction Hazelman Family Gardens February 22, 2019
Construction Hazelman Family Gardens
The Hazelman Family gardens is the main area of fruit and vegetable growth for our family. Having purchased the property in less than farm ready condition the following is a pictorial log of the work done to prepare the farm. The Hazelman Family gardens are the cultivator for most all of the growth and documentation that you see on HazelmanFarms.com.
The man behind the gardens
Bundled up for the cold Rocky sets to work on the farm.
Early construction view
To start we began taking down the old pine trees and added a gravel driveway that connected to our existing driveway.
Call in the Professionals
After cutting back most of the tree ourselves we called in Maloney and Son Tree Service to take down the big trees that were close to power lines.
Bring in the Heavy Machinery
With three quarters of an acrea to re-work, I bring in the heavy machinery. Fortunately this bad boy came with heat and I was able to work in the snow.
Wide eye view
A wide angle shot that has been a bit stretched on upload showing the width of the property in early spring.
Pear Island comes to life
Early spring plants begin to emerge around Pear Island. So named for the 4 pear trees (Kiefer and Bartlet).
A look from the back of the Property
Looking from the back of the property forward as we begin smoothing out the dirt.
Start of the fence
Construction of the farm fence starts and is quickly decorated with a fall theme.
Fencing continued
The fence begins to wrap around my neighbors property (the one with the green grass). Behind the fence you can see the early planting of our back orchard (peach, pear, plum and apricot).
Completed Fencing
The fence is now complete and is helping keep those pesky critters out, well somewhat.
Fence top garden boxes
Since this is a farm and I do tend to try some creative stuff, I built 4"x4"x6" garden boxes at the top fo the fence.
Street View North
A great picture of our flowers at the peak of their bloom looking northwards.
Street View South
A look south at the front of the property at the height of blossom.
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