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Home | Farm Log | Growing Garlic From Bulb February 22, 2019
Growing Garlic From Bulb
Follow the progress of an onion as we grow it from bulb.
Start with a Garlic Bulb
To grow garlic, you need garlic. A bulb of garlic can be broken up into 10-12 cloves to produce new garlic bulbs. Garlic bulbs can be purchased from a seed catalog or reputable nursery. Leftover garlic purchased from the supermarket can be used but will not always be as good a producer as bulbs purchased for planting.
Peal Back the Garlic Paper
Peal Back the Garlic Paper to expose the cloves of garlic.
Clove of Garlic for Planting
With the paper from the garlic bulb removed we are ready to plant the garlic bulb. The top of the onion clove comes to a point and has a small fiberous string. The bottom of the onion clove is hard.
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