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Home | Farm Log | Growing Onions from Old Onions February 22, 2019
Growing Onions from Old Onions
We take last years left over onions and prepare them for this years planting.
Bag of Leftover Onions
After last years harvest I stored onions in a brown bag in a cool dark place. After 6 months of eating all I could, the leftover onions began to sprout.
Leftover Onion Re-Sprouts
This onion sent out three new sprouts. The onion bulb has become a papery shell with the onions moisture used up to support the new sprouts.
Peeling the Old Onion
Peel back the layers of paper onion paper exposing a core of three onion sets with a more moist onion skin.
New Onion Sets from an Old Onion
The three sets of new onions that have grown out of an old onion should be carefully seperated. In some cases a nife will be necessary to seperate the sets before planting.
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