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Home | Farm Log | Mr. Finn on the Farm February 22, 2019
Mr. Finn on the Farm
This farm log is a collection of pictures of Mr. Finn as he accompanies me on the farm.
Whatchu Looking At
Mr. Finn asks whatchu looking at as he watches the planting begin indoors.
Finn and the Crocus
Here Mr. Finn enters the photo shoot for the growth of the crocus
Smell those Crocus
A new day blooms and Mr Finn is smelling the sweet aroma of the crocus flower.
Checking on the Tulips
Mr Finn points out the new tulip growth.
King of the Dirt Pile
Puppy Finn shows that he is King of the Dirt pile.
Finn in Boot
Ren helps a small Mr Finn into Rocky's size 16 pull over boot
Smell the Tulips
During his first spring on the farm, Finn was only as tall as the Tulips.
Ready to Work
Mr Finn awaits his working orders from the safety of the wheelbarrel.
Inspecting the Blueberry Rootstock Planting
Mr. Finn inspects the Blueberry Rootstock Planting.
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