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Home | Farm Log | Growing Carrots from Seed February 22, 2019
Growing Carrots from Seed
Steps to grow carrots from seed in your garden
Carrot Seed closeup
A closeup of carrot seeds. The background is the palm of my hand.
Prepare a loose soil
Carrots need a loose soil to grow. Prepare your carrot hills to be full of organic matter twice as deep as your carrot.
Broadcast the Carrot Seets
Carrot seeds being so small makes them difficult to evenly spread. I put them in my hand between thumb and forefinger and slowly spread them about 2-3 feet aboive the soil.
Rake the Carrot Seeds into the Soil
Gently rake the carrot seeds into the soil so that each seed has about 1/2" of soil ontop of it.
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