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Home | Farm Log | Worm Factory February 22, 2019
Worm Factory
Steps for putting together and using the Worm Factory. Special thanks to my sister who got me this for my birthday :)
Pieces of the Worm Farm
Pieces of the Worm Farm out of the shipping box.
Worm Tea Catching Tray
The trays start stacking and the first is to catch the liquid run off or worm tea.
Add food scraps
Worm food is put to one side of the bin
Add worms
Worms are added to the left side of the tray. The worms are mixed in with peat moss bedding.
Add paper scraps
Add torn up dry paper to the top of the food and bedding.
Add moist paper sheets
Now add a few full sheets of newspaper that are moist.
Add the lid on top
Put the lid on top of the moist sheets of newspaper. This keeps the worms in and the light out. As you add a second tray the lid will be on top of the second tier.
Stacked up and ready to compost
With the first tray full I put the others on for now as storage. In a few weeks I'll add on and document the second tray.
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