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Home | Farm Log | Growing Onions from Bulb February 22, 2019
Growing Onions from Bulb
To start growing onions from bulbs, first choose from the various kinds of onion bulbs (red, white, yellow, shallot).
Red Onion Bulbs
160 red onion bulbs
White Onion Bulbs
160 White Onion Bulbs
Yellow Onion Bulbs
160 Onion Bulbs
Plant the Onion Bulb
Take the onion bulb and place into the soil about 1 inch deep. The top of the onion bulb is pointy and will usually have a papery string. The bottom of the bulb will have a few small roots. In this picture I am planting the bulb in a 5 gallon nursery pot for further documentation.
Shallot Bulbs
16 Shallot Bulbs
Onion bulbs begin to Sprout
Five days after planting the onion bulbs the first signs of growth emerge above the soil line. The red onion bulbs and yellow onion bulbs emerged between 5 and 10 days with the white onion bulbs taking about 7 to 12 days.
A look at the onion bulbs roots - 18 days
18 days after the onion bulb being planted it was time to pull up a sample onion bulb for inspection. In this time the bulb has sprouted two to three inches above the soil and has thin white roots extending up to two inches. This onion was later re-planted.
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