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Home | Farm Log February 22, 2019
Farm Log - Has been developed by Hazelman Farms to detail through pictures the cycles of growth and details surrounding farming.
Growing Onions from Bulb
To start growing onions from bulbs, first choose from the various kinds of onion bulbs (red, white, yellow, shallot).
Growing Carrots from Seed
Steps to grow carrots from seed in your garden
Mr. Finn on the Farm
This farm log is a collection of pictures of Mr. Finn as he accompanies me on the farm.
Growing Onions from Old Onions
We take last years left over onions and prepare them for this years planting.
Growing Garlic From Bulb
Follow the progress of an onion as we grow it from bulb.
Growing Rhubarb from Rootstock
Learn how to grow Rhubarb starting from rootstock in the early spring.
Boss Dog Syrus
Our leader of the Pack.
Construction Hazelman Family Gardens
The Hazelman Family gardens is the main area of fruit and vegetable growth for our family. Having purchased the property in less than farm ready condition the following is a pictorial log of the work done to prepare the farm. The Hazelman Family gardens are the cultivator for most all of the growth and documentation that you see on HazelmanFarms.com.
Growing Asparagus from Rootstock
Learn how to grow Asparagus from Rootstock.
Planting Blackberry Nursery Stock
Step by step instructions on how to plant your Blackberry Nursery Stock.
Planting Raspberry from Nursery Stock
Step by step instructions on how to plant your Raspberry Nursery Stock.
Planting Currant from Nursery Stock
Step by step instructions on how to plant your Currant Nursery Stock.
Worm Factory
Steps for putting together and using the Worm Factory. Special thanks to my sister who got me this for my birthday :)
Home Page
Call outs for the front page of edenfarms.com
Installing a 5,000 Gallon Concrete Underground Water Tank for Rain water capture
This Farm Log details the ambitious project of installing a 5,000 gallon underground concrete water tank connected to our homes gutter system. This project was completed thanks to the help of Aherin Lee Cox, Associate Architect.
Ren and Rocky Travel to Europe
In this adventure Ren and Rocky travel to Europe to meet up with good friends Allison and John.
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