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Hazelman Farms has selected the following rootstock for sale after trials on the Hazelman Family Farm. We hope you'll be as satisfied with these fruit and berry plants as we have been. Each item will be shipped as a dormant root stock plant in April of 2012. When you receive your root stock you will also receive instructions on planting the rootstock and caring for the soil and area around it for the sucessfull development of you own fruits and vgetables.

Check back in Fall 2011 for our 2012 rootstock catalog.

Asparagus - Perennial
Jersey Knight Asparagus Jersey Knight - One of the Jersey hybrids, an all-male variety, Jersey Knight is very vigorous, has large, succulent spears, and quickly attracts a loyal following. All-male varieties are more productive, channeling energy into spear growth instead of the seeding that inhibits yields. The flavor is excellent, and the plant is resistant to rust, crown rot and fusarium. It also performs equally well in heavy, clay-like soils.
Purple Passion Asparagus Purple Passion - Purple Passion is a unique asparagus variety especially suited to the asparagus enthusiast, whether a home gardener or commercial grower. Its special, attractive purple color, flavor and tenderness distinguish this variety from others. Our field trial confirms all of these attributes with taste tests conducted here. In addition, our trials indicate Purple Passion has productive yields. For best performance, plant spacing for Purple Passion is 6-8 inches apart in the row instead of the usual 12-inch spacing. When cooked, the bright purple color is reduced, but when served fresh in salads it provides a colorful and flavorful accent.

Blackberry - Perennial shrub
Everbearing - Prime Jim Blackberry Everbearing - Prime JimTM - Everbearing type allows blackberry production in regions where most other varieties are not hardy. Prime Jim will fruit on one-year wood in late August and September. We strong suggest supporting the plants by a trellis. Recommended for home gardeners.

Blueberry- Perennial bush
Jersey Blueberries Jersey - Jersey Blueberries are a late-season variety that is high-yielding, easy to grow, and one of the oldest and most widely grown blueberry varieties. The berries are dark blue, medium in size, and very sweet. A tall and well-shaped bush, it provides an excellent ornamental value, too. We recommend netting over the bush to prevent birds getting the harvest before you.

Currants - Perennial shrub
Black Ben Sarek Currant Black - Ben Sarek - Ideal for the home garden. Bushes are compact, approximating 3' in height at maturity, with high yields of large, easy-to-pick berries. Fruit makes an excellent jam or jelly and recommended for wine making, it is also known as cassis. This cultivar is highly resistant to White Pine Blister Rust.
Red Rovada Currant Red - Rovada - Produces very large fruit on extremely long sprigs. This combination produces a heavy crop that is easy to pick. The plant is very free of mildew and other leaf diseases. It escapes frost since it flowers late.
White Blanca Currant White - Blanca - Yields heavy, opaque, white fruit on long sprigs. The immature fruit starts out tart, but turns sweeter upon fully ripening. Blanca is used for wine making, juicing, and fresh consumption as well as general use. This vigorous variety has a spreading growth habit and produces fruit at midseason.

Horseradish - Perennial Root
Horseradish Root Horseradish Roots - We have selected the strain "Big Top" for its size, vigor, wide adaptability and resistance to foliage diseases, rust and bacterial spot (all common problems in horseradish). These plants are top performers; you only need a few roots to last a lifetime!

Rhubarb - Perennial
Macdonald Rhubarb Macdonald Rhubarb - We chose this strain for its excellent production for commercial growers and home gardeners. MacDonald is a popular variety - it has bright red stalks and excellent flavor. Shows resistance to root-rot problems.

Raspberries - Perennial Shrub
Heritage Raspberry Everbearing Red Heritage - For many years, Heritage has been the standard variety for production and high-quality fruit by which all fall-bearing varieties were judged. The fall crop is highly productive and ripens from the end of August through October. The berries have good size, color and flavor. The fruit is also good for jam and freezing and delicious for fresh use, too. Heritage is a widely adapted - a very reliable choice for the home garden.
Anne ( Plant Patent #10,411 ) Everbearing Yellow Anne - Anne is a large-fruited fall bearer that ripens at the same time as Heritage. Fruit holds a pale yellow color - and is proving to be highly productive. Anne's excellent size (up to 3/4 - 1" tall berry), appearance, and very sweet flavor make it an excellent choice for a yellow fall bearer. We strongly suggest supporting the plants by a trellis.

Strawberries - Perennial (if planted in rows or mounds) or Annual (if grown plasticulturally or hydroponically)
Seascape Strawberry ( US Plant Patent #7614 ) Everbearing - Seascape ( US Plant Patent #7614 ) - This everbearing variety has been highly successful for Northeastern growers for summer and fall production. Fruit is large and productive. The berries have good flavor when picked ripe from the plant. Works great for pies, jams and ice cream!
Jewel Strawberry ( Us Plant Patent #5897 ) Junebearing - Jewel - An excellent choice for both commercial growers and home gardeners, Jewel has large berries with superb quality and flavor. We have been very successful using Jewel for home gardening due to its overall quality and consistent performance. Plants are winter hardy and vigorous, but care must be taken at renovation to maintain a good plant stand.
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